Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Post 2 in a week, this could be a record! This past weekend the weather has been great and a fun weekend with friends! Friday before the weekend officially started for my Survey of Arts class- Directed at how to integrate art into the classroom we took a field trip to Open Book in DT Minneapolis.  What an awesome place this was.  It's right on Washington and I have seen the sign for it many times but always thought it was a book store.  Here we learned how to make books that we can do in our classrooms.  They also do printing, paper making, a variety of different types of book making, and other art stuff.  It was one of the coolest places I have been in Minneapolis, its interior is rustic and loft like.  Open book has classes for different ages from kids to adults as well as conducting class field trips.  However, its  pretty spendy! Click on Open book above if you want to check it out! Friday night I went with some friends to a Bar in NE Minneapolis called Gastof's.  Its a German bar and they were having a festival where men dress up like woman and woman dress up like men.   Well we did not partake in that and no one their really did either but the workers, but their was a few Classic German dressed old men.  The picture of this will explain that! 

While at Gastofs I ran into some friends from Springfield too, which is always fun to randomly run into!

Sunday, I woke up early and met my mom in Shakopee to switch cars, I had hers for a week while mine was getting looked at.  We decided to meet in Shakopee so I could get a start on my homework wile waiting for her.  I was able to revise and add to a 10 page paper I had due the next day, so again Thanks mom for meeting closer to me! That afternoon I hung out with my friend Jake and we went for lunch and then walked around Calhoun since the day was so nice.  It was more of dodging all the people and big puddles all over! Still was great to be outside without being cold! Yesterday for  Valentines day I had to first work and celebrated Valentines day with SaharaJane, then actually had a Valentines date with Jake. We didn't make big plans and just had some wine and then went to Uptown and just planned on going somewhere and seeing if we could get in.  We got in at the first place we tried-  ll Gatto an Italian restaurant.  We had a really nice night! Hope everyone had a good day and are all enjoying the weather! 

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