Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Post 2 in a week, this could be a record! This past weekend the weather has been great and a fun weekend with friends! Friday before the weekend officially started for my Survey of Arts class- Directed at how to integrate art into the classroom we took a field trip to Open Book in DT Minneapolis.  What an awesome place this was.  It's right on Washington and I have seen the sign for it many times but always thought it was a book store.  Here we learned how to make books that we can do in our classrooms.  They also do printing, paper making, a variety of different types of book making, and other art stuff.  It was one of the coolest places I have been in Minneapolis, its interior is rustic and loft like.  Open book has classes for different ages from kids to adults as well as conducting class field trips.  However, its  pretty spendy! Click on Open book above if you want to check it out! Friday night I went with some friends to a Bar in NE Minneapolis called Gastof's.  Its a German bar and they were having a festival where men dress up like woman and woman dress up like men.   Well we did not partake in that and no one their really did either but the workers, but their was a few Classic German dressed old men.  The picture of this will explain that! 

While at Gastofs I ran into some friends from Springfield too, which is always fun to randomly run into!

Sunday, I woke up early and met my mom in Shakopee to switch cars, I had hers for a week while mine was getting looked at.  We decided to meet in Shakopee so I could get a start on my homework wile waiting for her.  I was able to revise and add to a 10 page paper I had due the next day, so again Thanks mom for meeting closer to me! That afternoon I hung out with my friend Jake and we went for lunch and then walked around Calhoun since the day was so nice.  It was more of dodging all the people and big puddles all over! Still was great to be outside without being cold! Yesterday for  Valentines day I had to first work and celebrated Valentines day with SaharaJane, then actually had a Valentines date with Jake. We didn't make big plans and just had some wine and then went to Uptown and just planned on going somewhere and seeing if we could get in.  We got in at the first place we tried-  ll Gatto an Italian restaurant.  We had a really nice night! Hope everyone had a good day and are all enjoying the weather! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It

Well it has been some time before I have updated. I often think about how I need too, but never get around to it. I figured I would give a brief update of what I have been up too. I'll start with some exciting news I got today...My acceptance letter into the ILP (Initial Licensure Program)/Master's program! As soon as I got it I accepted the offer and had to send in of course payment to accept, but that was besides the point at the time. I also have a few forms that I have to fill out, one being my district preference and grade, which isn't guaranteed but kind of exciting to think about! I am getting super busy with school now, writing lesson plans for two students a 4th grader and a K that I am working individually on literacy with. I only have two kids to prepare for and feel overwhelmed! I also find myself going to target not for myself but for materials instead! Besides school I am still nannying for SaharaJane who is 8, I pick her up from school and most of our time is filled with Kumon (An advanced Math program), Arabic Math, and French homework, and then we make dinner and she is in bed at 7:30! When I have free time I try to go to the Gopher Basketball games, and go out with friends of course. Looking forward for the winter to be over and some SUN and WARMTH! I also have a recent addiction to scrabble so if anyone wants to play me and lose there is a droidword app or wordfued! Hope everyone is doing well and I will try to update more often but really I'm not that exciting to update :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

About Time

Wow, I haven't been good at keeping up with my blog obviously its' been 7 months! I guess I'll just give a summary of what I have been up too. I am now done with classes and have one year left until student teaching. I am taking a summer class though but it's only two days long all day, I figured that was better than a whole semester of a class. The kids I nanny for are still in session for school so I still just am picking them up from school and then staying until the parents get home. Like most kids they have their days but otherwise I have really enjoyed being apart of their lives this past year. They are a great family and enjoy going to work most days! They are in a lot of activities, so we are running around a lot otherwise they are creating their own comics. reading, or playing outside with the neighbor boy. However they are doing a different camp each week this summer, and won't need me because the dad works at home so he can just pick them up at the end of the day. I will miss them a lot and am trying very hard to make my school schedule work to come back in the fall for the year again, but its not looking good. But, I will get some days with them this summer when they need a sitter at least!

Last weekend My mom and 3 older sisters took a trip to Martha's Vineyard an Island off of Cape Cod out on the east coast. It was definitely a different lifestyle out their, which was fun to see and experience. We were able to view the whole island in a day checking out different scenic spots, shops, light houses, and even the houses which most are shackle. I enjoyed the bonding time with my mom and sisters! Although I didn't have the best last flight. My eardrum errupted on the last descend down and was very painful. It left me with fluid in my ears and headaches, dizzy, nausea all week. Went to the doctor today and she said There is definitely fluid in there but not infected yet so try sudafed first, its more of an annoyance until it eventually goes away...oh thanks?!

I guess besides work I spend my time with friends, enjoying the weather, and doing anything that involves finding a potential guy. Yes, I have recently gone out of my phase of wanting to be single! Not sure I am looking in the right spots although my friend jacob tells me to join a youth group at a church is the best way, I disagree more than finding him at a bar! Oh some exciting news, Last night I won TWINS TICKETS Row 9 behind home plate!! I was so excited I feel flat on my back running back to show my friends my tickets I severely injured my tailbone and have a nice cut up elbow. I am asking myself today if the tickets were worth winning compared to not being able to walk! It's this saturday so look for me on T.V! Next week I have the Praxis I test for my Elementary Ed Major, not too excited. Well my goal is to write at least once a week, will see how long that last!

The Girls at MV Stas'

Friday, October 9, 2009

I have given him 21 years of those great 50 years! :)

Still Going Strong and Looking Good at 50!
Hope you have a great day! See you next Friday to celebrate! LOVE YOUR WEASY!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Time Coming...

A few MONTHS have passed, and lots has happened that you probably have already heard. This summer i took a summer class, Learning, Cognitive and Assessment that i went to every morning for 5 weeks. It actually really wasn't that bad taking a summer course as i had thought it would be. I ended up getting an A- in the class so i was really happy with that! Besides taking class i work for Berkshire Home Solutions. Pretty much we hope for hail. However it hailed 3 times while i was on vacation last week in the cities (which we called would happen) and all the other roofing companies were out minutes after it passed, making this week very frusterating for us to find places to go and people who aren't annoyed by people coming to their doors already. The job is tough considering were paid only on commission, but our bosses are the coolest people ever and are the reason i probably haven't quit. I am also looking for another job to do as well as this one, now that class is done. I am starting off the week struggling to get back to reality after a nice long week at the cabin up north. It went way too fast. But was really nice to hang out with family and friends from up north and mostly get away from the cities. My hopes are to work up there for the summer next year, i wish, but maybe! On the side of working and class i am the captain of Team SuperValu; an intramural Softball team through the U of M. We play double Headers tuesdays. Its a good time and have some team bonding after words for a drink at the local campus bars. Today is also my wonderful Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary. I am very thankful to have them as my parents. They have done SO much for me and i couldn't do it without them. They raised 4 beautiful great girls! LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!!

Family Pic @ Katies Wedding...

Some of my friends(also all worked at Camp Last summer) @ B. Loco

Riverside Days-Class of 06 represent

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

Well, its' been awhile, i apologize! I have been super busy with school and with finding a job, friends, a third roommate etc! Only 3 more weeks and school is DONE!! CAN'T WAIT!! Next fall i will be starting my first practium, will be very busy!! Some updates, i have started a little cleaning business with my friend Colleen and we clean our friends house every other week. He is a 29 year old in our ASL class, married and even made up keys to his house! man he must really trust us! So far we have just done it once last week and it was actually VERY tiring, their house is all wood floors so we had to get down on our hands and knees and wash all the floors which consist of 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms along with dusting. I have been lucky to have Ashley come stay with me a few times, as i always enjoy being with my family! As for family i had a wonderful Easter Weekend with all of my family all together for once and celebrated my sister Nicoles Birthday with a Root Beer Tasting. I made it half way through the tasting of 15 different kinds! I also made my way up to Outlaws to see many of my hs friends, so that was nice to see them again! Well, it has been Wonderful out, besides for today. We went to uptown and ate out by the mcmannara center and rollerbladed taking full advantage of it. We even had a visitor while enjoying the weather on our stoop. An older man claiming to be an old gopher alumni, who wanted to sing us songs and told us he has 8 to 10 gf's and that was nothing compared to king salomon who had 800 gf's in his lifetime! 5 min later the police arrested him and dumped out his bottles of alcohol in his pack back!! Well as some of you may know... Im just about 21!!! 13 days and counting!! It's on a sunday, and would love for my family and close friends to help me celebrate! Let me know if you can make it!! Looking forward to a sunny warm rest of the week with spring jam and hopefully hanging out with family that will be around!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

March Madness

Sorry i have not kept up lately! I have been busy with school and going out with friends! Two Weekends ago i went down to Rochester for a night and stayed with my cousin Matt. We went to Mickeys where the band Chester Bay(which is good, no matter what ashley tells anyone) was playing! The trip was made to see the lead singer of the band who i successfully talked too thanks to my protective cousin who went up and talked to him. We exchanged numbers and i was one happy girl! This Last weekend was a busy one! It was the state wrestling tournament so i watched my nephew zander while ashley and tom watched wrestling. Always entertaining, he is such a joy to babysit! We played with trucks and went to the playground at the mall. Cousin Matt also was up for state wrestling, so crashed at our apartment at night after wrestling was over. Saturday Chester Bay was Once again in town. Many of my classmates were up this weekend so we all hung out at my apartment and then headed to Blarney's where they were playing. Ashley and Tom also joined us, which was nice to finally get to hang out with my sister again like old times! We all had a good time!! I think i only got asked once if me and ashley were twins, which is impressive! Well as for school..cant wait for spring break. Last week i found out the girl i handed my application to for my Education major LOST IT. I found out because i didn't get an email regarding if i was accepting into the major or not. This disappointed me very much because now my plans to take summer classes can not happen and next semester will be tough scheduling since i can't take any classes in that major. Might be looking at a few electives to make me full time next semester. Not Happy at all! For Spring Break I along with my roommate ellen are heading to Giant's Ridge for the weekend to stay with Jason and Nicole to ski and go to the spa! Looking forward to visiting them and experiencing the Range!! Well today i also had some excitement at class. I went to the bathroom during break and found a girl locked in a stall laying on the ground. I stuck my head under and tapped her to see if she is ok, and she wouldn't move but told me she was not ok. I ran to tell my teacher and the ambulance and everything had to come! I like to think i saved her! Hope everyone is doing well and that this snowstorm and cold front really won't come!